Central Research Facility Centre

Central Research Facility Centre (CRFC) has started functioning since 2012. Various Research facilities have been created for the research & consultancy work. These include Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (Carl Zeiss), Multi Target Sputtering System (Moorfield Nanotechnolgy), 3-Axis Laser System for Surface Texturing (Markolaser), SEM/EDS (Hitachi 3600N), Nanomechanical system (Hysitron TI Premier),  SmartLab X-Ray Diffractometer (Rigaku),  Litesizer™ 500 Particle Analyzer, MCR 102 Rheometer, Planetary – Mill pulverisette 5, TGA/DSC, Raman Spectroscope (Renishaw), CHNS Analyzer, ShakeTable. In addition to this, WDXRF is under installation and Commissioning and AFM is under purchase process.

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