Nanoindenter Hysitron TI Premier

The TI Premier makes nanoscale mechanical and tribological characterization simple and consistent. This system provides a variety of standard nanoscale characterization techniques with unparalleled accuracy and precision. The TI Premier Hysitron has in situ SPM imaging capability and capacitive transducer technology, making the system applicable to the widest range of materials and devices. Motorized staging, top-down color optics, anti- vibration system, environmental enclosure, control software, and fast digital electronics decrease time to results and ease instrument use. The TI Premier offers automated testing routines for increased testing throughout and minimized operator interaction.


















1.Mechanical Properties                            2. Tribology

Elastic Modulus                                                Friction

Hardness                                                            Wear

Creep                                                                 In-situ nanoscratch

Interfacial Adhesion

Images of Surface & Indent


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