Hitachi 3600 N Scanning electron microscope with a 5 axis motorized stage coupled with ultra dry Compact EDS Detector (Thermo Scientific™) is used for high resolution imaging and elemental analysis. The set-up is used for cutting-edge Materials Science research and also provides help in analyzing non-engineering materials.


  • The main Capabilities of SEM/ EDS are
    • Stage transverse X/Y- 150mm/110mm
    • Sample thickness of 70mm
    • 3nm resolution at HV
    • Integrated Operation:- EDS, WDS, and EBSD operation and analysis in a fully unified software platform
      • Resolution:-  5eV peak shift (±3eV typical between 1% and 60% dead time) from minimum to maximum count rate at a given analyzer time constant
      • Operating environment:300C non condensing
      • Sensitivity down to boron
      • Advanced silicon drift detection electronics
      • 133 eV resolution (Mn-Ka)
    • Thermo Scientific UltraDry
    • Specified Resoution:129eV
    • Operating Bias: -180V
    • Phase Mapping:- The Pathfinder X-ray Microanalysis Software allows you to identify elemental phases during the acquisition.
    • Data collection:- spectral imaging
    • Collection rates up to 1,000,000 cps

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