The Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship Development centre (IIED Centre) of NIT Srinagar aims to coordinate and leverage, through Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, an ecosystem fostering a culture of cutting edge technology making NIT Srinagar the harbinger of innovation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in sectors of Science & Technology by offering industrial solutions with emphasis on national growth and social upliftment


  • To Promote a vibrant, innovative, and entrepreneurial environment for conducting quality research with an aim to develop knowledge economy.
  • Creation and development of sustainable, globally competitive facility that contribute towards the accelerated economic growth of the region by identifying, exploring and developing regional competitiveness
  • To strengthen institute-industry linkages to formulate collaborative ventures with the business community of the region in particular and nation in general
  • To assist and develop new business ventures, start ups, job creation and employment generation in specific sectors that are aligned with a region’s unique areas of opportunity


  • Entrepreneurship Development through incubation and training
  • Strive for development and deployment of scientific/ technological solutions to solve confronting challenges in the areas like energy conservation, water management, waste management, sanitation control, development of local technologies, ergonomic design, and so forth
  • Identify engineering problems of diversified nature where research and innovation can help to find smart solutions
  • Operate to provide institutional support in scouting, spawning, sustaining and scaling up Grass root innovative ideas
  • Provide incubation support as and when required to develop innovations
  • Mutual interaction with industry(local & national)
  • Skill development and service sector support
  • Provide IRP platform to obtain patents

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