Library Facilities:

Fair amount of literature on topics relating to Water Resources Engineering and other related topics is available in the main library of the College. Besides that a good collection of books, journals and reports is available in the library of Water Resources Management Centre. The Centre has available with it the necessary audio-visual facilities for the benefit of learners.

Computational facilities:

The Centre has also a Mini-computer Centre with necessary computational facilities . The following soft-wares are also available for the users:

  • Arc GIS

Laboratory Facilities:

  1. Hydraulics/Fluid Mechanics Lab.

    The Centre has available with it the facility of well equipped Fluid Mecahnics Laboratory which has been jointly developed with Civil Engineering Department of the Institute. The Centre has played a vital role in the upgradation of this Laboratory and has succeeded in bringing it to the level where it can successfully cater to the requirements of higher standard R&D works.

  2. Hydrobiology lab:

    This Lab. has been set up under one of the MHRD sponsored projects and is at the verge of its completion. The lab. after its completion will be fully equipped with the latest water and sewage testing equipments.

  3. Hydrometeorological Observatory:

    This observatory has been set –up under one more scheme of MHRD sponsored project and has been recently strengthen by procurement and installation of an Automatic Weather Station.

  4. Environmental And Sustainability Studies Centre (ESSC): Developed under TEQIP-III

    This lab has been developed from funds obtained through TEQIP-III. All the equipment purchased has been installed in the Lab.
    Mission: The mission of this lab includes providing a platform for research, testing, teaching, data storage, case studies. The Lab will help all those related to the following sub branches:-
    1. Air pollution 
    2.  Water pollution
    3. Noise Pollution
    4. Soil Plooution

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