Production Engineering Laboratory, Department of Mechanical engineering, NIT Srinagar

DETAILS OF PRODUCTION LAB                                        Video Tour of Lab

List of Equipments in Production Engineering Laboratory

  • 1. Lathe Machine
  • 2. CNC Lathe Machine
  • 3. CNC Milling Machine
  • 4. Bench Drilling Machine
  • 5. Bench Grinding Machine
  • 6. Surface Grinding Machine
  • 7. Shaper Machine
  • 8. Power Hacksaw

Manufacturing Technology Lab (MEC 305P) (Odd Semester)

Course Outcomes

  • CO1: Describe the geometry of single point cutting tool.
  • CO2: Apply knowledge of metal cutting to perform various machining operations
  • CO3: Explain the working and use of various components of conventional machine tools.
  • CO4: Identify the sequence of operation to process a job.

List of Experiments

  • 1. To study the construction details and working principle of Lathe Machine.
  • 2. To perform Taper Turning using Lathe Machine
  • 3. To perform Step Turning using Lathe Machine
  • 4. To Study the Tool Geometry of a Single Point Cutting Tool.
  • 5. To perform drilling operation on a given workpiece using Drilling Machine 
  • 6. To perform shaping operation on a given workpiece using shaper machine

CAM & Industrial Automation Lab (MEC 405P) (Even Semester)

Course Outcomes

  • CO1: Explain the working and use of various components of CNC machines
  • CO2: Identify the sequence of codes to process a job
  • CO3: Create CNC program for turning and milling operations.
  • CO4: Produce different profiles on the surface of a given material.

List of Experiments

  • 1. To study the fundamental of CNC Machine
  • 2. To study the different codes used in CNC machine
  • 3. To perform drilling operation on CNC-Milling Machine
  • 4. To perform Slotting operation on CNC-Milling Machine
  • 5. To perform Turning operation on CNC-Lathe Machine
  • 6. To perform Milling Operation to produce name initial on CNC Milling Machine


Facilities Images

Lathe Machine (HMT)

CNC Lathe Machine (Denford)

CNC Milling Machine (Denford)




Load Capacity

5N- 2000 N


Maximum Temperature

1000 oC



220 V



1-70 Hz

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