Tribology Lab



PhD Completed

A Aanand Development of Design Methodology for Product Life Cycle Engineering
M.S Charoo Experimental Investigation of Nanostructured Lubricants for tribology applications
M Hanief Modelling and Prediction of wear during Running in Period
S Saleem
Tribological characterization of N 80A and 21-4N exhaust value materials
R Khan
Risk Mitigation in Product LCD
S Mushtaq
Development and Tribological Characterization of Fe based Self lubricating composites for plain Bearing
P Kumar
Tribological Characterization of Hypereutectic A1-25Si alloy:Influence of Graphene as solid lubricant additive
Junaid Mir
Feasibility study of Dry,wet and MQL of Hard machining using CBN & ceramic cutting tools
S Banday Nanomechanical and nanotribological properties of metal/MoS2 coating on AI-Si substrate by PLD
J Khan Tribological properties of filled PTFE based Composites under dry and aqueous envirnoments
I Qadri Tribological studies of nano coated Cutting tools
S Danish Prevention of Scuffing and Wear Abnormality in Piston Ring/Cylinder Liner Conjunction: Conventional and Nano-Lubrication Approaches
J Singh Tribological characterization of MAX phase materials and its composites


PhD Under Completion





G Singh Prof M F Wani Engine Tribology
S Lone Prof M F Wani Tribology of Composite Materials
Quratalan Prof M F Wani & Prof Rakesh Sahgal 
Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Chandra Shekhar Singh Prof Rakesh Sahgal & Prof M F Wani Nanolubrication
Himanshu Shekhar Gupta Prof Rakesh Sahgal & Prof M F Wani Nanolubrication
Sanjay Jaswal

Prof Rakesh Sahgal,

Prof M F Wani &

Dr M D Sharma


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