Tribology Lab


Research Projects

 International Colloborative Research Project

International R&D Project: India-Tunisia Joint S &T Research Cooperation DST DST/INT/TUNISA/P-14/17 ( INR 21.6 Lacs)
Development of Nano and Micro Structured Coating for Combating Failure due to Erosion and Corrosion in Petrochemical Sector Under  review


National  Research Project

1 Tribological  properties of structural ceramics , 1990  (Aeronautical Research and Development, Board  under Financial Grant No. 504 at IIT Delhi during M Tech course )
2 Tribological behaviour of high temperature ceramic coatings, Department of Science and Technology, J&K, May 1, 1995. (Department of Science and Technology Grant No. STC. 58191)
High temperature Tribological Characterization of non-oxide Ceramics and Composites Department of science & Technology Government of India (2007) No.SR/S3/MERC/24/2007

 High temperature Tribology development laboratory (Rs 7 Millions » $142K) Department. of Science & Technology Government of India  (2007) SR/FST/ETI060/2006

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