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PLC Training Kit            

Short Description: A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) training kit is used to teach students about industrial automation and control systems. It typically includes hardware components such as PLC modules, input/output devices, programming software, and various simulation exercises to impart hands-on experience in PLC programming and operation

Distance Displacement Sensor Trainer Kit

Short Description: This kit is designed to educate students about distance and displacement sensors used in mechatronics systems. It includes sensors such as ultrasonic, laser, or infrared sensors along with interfacing components and experimental setups to demonstrate their functionality and applications in automation and robotics.

3D Printer (Flashforge CreatorPro)

Short Description: A 3D printer enables the fabrication of three-dimensional objects from digital models by depositing successive layers of material. The Flashforge CreatorPro is a specific model known for its reliability and dual-extruder capability, allowing for the printing of complex geometries and multi-material parts, which can be invaluable for prototyping and hands-on learning in mechatronics labs.

Digital Oscilloscope

Short Description: A digital oscilloscope is an essential tool for analyzing and visualizing electronic signals in real-time. It helps students understand the behavior of electrical circuits, sensors, and actuators by displaying waveforms such as voltage and current over time with high precision and accuracy.


Sensor Trainer Kits     

Short Description: These kits encompass various sensor types, including temperature, pressure, force, and motion sensors, along with supporting circuitry and software. They facilitate practical experimentation and learning about sensor principles, calibration, interfacing, and data acquisition, crucial for understanding sensor applications in mechatronics systems


Microcontroller Training Kits

Short Description: Microcontroller training kits comprise microcontroller boards (e.g., Arduino, PIC, or STM32), sensors, actuators, and programming software. They enable students to learn microcontroller programming, interfacing with peripherals, and developing embedded systems for mechatronics applications, fostering skills in system design and implementation.

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