List of M.Tech Students (Batch 2019)

S.N. Reg. No. Student Name Branch
1 2019MCIVWR001 ASEES WANI Water Resource Engineering
2 2019MCIVWR002 MOHD QASIM CHOUDHARY Water Resource Engineering
3 2019MCIVWR003 ZUBAIR SHAFI BULLA Water Resource Engineering
4 2019MCIVWR004 MOONIS UL ISLAM MATTOO Water Resource Engineering
5 2019MCIVWR005 WQAS IQBAL HAJI Water Resource Engineering
6 2019MCIVWR006 IFSHAN MANZOOR MAQSOOD Water Resource Engineering
7 2019MCIVWR007 AAMIR KHAN Water Resource Engineering
8 2019MCIVWR008 INSHA MUZAFFAR MALIK Water Resource Engineering
9 2019MCIVWR009 AAMIR MUBARIK Water Resource Engineering
10 2019MCIVWR010 AJAZ AHMAD MIR Water Resource Engineering
11 2019MCIVWR011 FAHAD QAISAR ZERGAR Water Resource Engineering
12 2019MCIVWR012 MOHD HUSSAIN Water Resource Engineering
13 2019MCIVST001 KUMAR SHIVANSHU Structural Engineering
14 2019MCIVST002 WASIM AHMAD KATARIYA Structural Engineering
15 2019MCIVST003 SHARIQ AHMAD MALIK Structural Engineering
16 2019MCIVST004 HAROON RASHID Structural Engineering
17 2019MCIVST005 GAGAN DEEP Structural Engineering
18 2019MCIVST006 MUZAMIL SHAFI WANI Structural Engineering
19 2019MCIVST007 MUDASIR AHMAD HAJAM Structural Engineering
20 2019MCIVST008 NASIR AHMAD AHANGER Structural Engineering
21 2019MCIVST009 MUDASIR AHMAD ZAKI Structural Engineering
22 2019MCIVST010 ADIL HUSSAIN TANTRAY Structural Engineering
23 2019MCIVST011 MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR PARREY Structural Engineering
24 2019MCIVST012 MOHD AKARAM Structural Engineering
25 2019MCIVST013 MOHD HASEEB SHORA Structural Engineering
26 2019MCIVST014 WASEEL AHMAD DAR Structural Engineering
27 2019MCIVST015 ANIES UL AMIN Structural Engineering
28 2019MCIVST016 MOHBOOB ALI KHAN Structural Engineering
29 2019MCIVST017 AKHILANAND GAURAV Structural Engineering
30 2019MCIVST018 SAJAD AHMAD MALLA Structural Engineering
31 2019MCIVST019 NASIR HUSSAIN LONE Structural Engineering
32 2019MCIVST020 HUZAIF SHAFI Structural Engineering
33 2019MCIVST021 ASIM NAVEED Structural Engineering
34 2019MCIVST022 NAVEED MURTAZA GULZAR Structural Engineering
35 2019MCIVST023 BHARGAV MOHAN Structural Engineering
36 2019MCIVST024 MUZAFFER AHMAD TALEY Structural Engineering
37 2019MCIVST025 ANURAG LAMBA Structural Engineering
38 2019MCIVGT001 SAMEER AHMAD BHAT Geotechnical Engineering
39 2019MCIVGT002 ANAYAT BASHIR Geotechnical Engineering
40 2019MCIVGT003 RAZIA SULTAN Geotechnical Engineering
41 2019MCIVGT004 FIZA ZAHOOR MALIK Geotechnical Engineering
42 2019MCIVGT005 JAVEED FAROOQ BHAT Geotechnical Engineering
43 2019MCIVGT006 IRFAN AHMAD KUMAR Geotechnical Engineering
44 2019MCIVGT007 HILAL AHMAD NAJAR Geotechnical Engineering
45 2019MCIVGT008 SALMAN SADAT DAR Geotechnical Engineering
46 2019MCIVGT009 ADIL RASOOL KUMHAR Geotechnical Engineering
47 2019MCIVGT010 SEERAT RASHID Geotechnical Engineering
48 2019MCIVGT011 MOHD IDREES Geotechnical Engineering
49 2019MCIVGT012 AAQIB ALI Geotechnical Engineering
50 2019MCIVGT013 YASIR ALI QURASHI Geotechnical Engineering
51 2019MCIVTP001 WAJID RASHID Transportation Engineering and Planning
52 2019MCIVTP002 SHAKIR BASHIR Transportation Engineering and Planning
53 2019MCIVTP003 SHAH OVAIS Transportation Engineering and Planning
54 2019MCIVTP004 SHAHIQ AHMAD WANI Transportation Engineering and Planning
55 2019MCIVTP005 HAIDER ALI Transportation Engineering and Planning
56 2019MCIVTP006 SHAHID AADIL HUSSAIN Transportation Engineering and Planning
57 2019MCIVTP008 RAJA RIZWAN UL HAQ MADNI Transportation Engineering and Planning
58 2019MCIVTP009 MOHAMMAD AMIN KUMAR Transportation Engineering and Planning
59 2019MCIVTP010 AIJAZ AHMAD Transportation Engineering and Planning
60 2019MCIVTP011 SUFIYAN ALI Transportation Engineering and Planning
61 2019MCIVTP012 AQUIB JALAL ZARGAR Transportation Engineering and Planning
62 2019MCIVTP013 SUZEENA IFTIKHAR Transportation Engineering and Planning
63 2019MCIVTP014 IMTIYAZ GUL Transportation Engineering and Planning

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