Message from the Head of the Department

The department of humanities and social sciences is one of the departments that were established in erstwhile REC, Srinagar right from its inception to the present day, the department has been actively involved with teaching and research activities. The department has a long history of contributing in all areas of campus development. The following members of the department have laid strong foundations in all academic areas and social upliftment programmes were also enshrined in the working time table of the department.

   With the passage of time, the department has tried its best to bring the academic and research outlook of the department in line with socio-economic scenario. The developing corporate culture has required the department to change and update the existing course lines/programmes so that the students get familiarized with the grooming demands of the society and changing/grooming industrial setup.

At present the department has a very exhaustive expansion programmes. Latest technologies are being adopted to make the teaching and research student friendly. The establishment of state of art , language laboratory is a step in this directions as it is a platform to improve both speaking and writing skills of English students and make them suitable for absorption in the national and multi-national companies.

As for as research programmes of the department are concerned I would take the opportunity to say with pride that present faculty is skilled enough to study any specific /general areas of industry or social interest. The number of research programmes is increasing every year and apart from industrial or corporate related research, other areas like language, communication skills etc have also found a place in department research programme. The department is now a full-fledged research centre. Thanks to present honorable director and other previous faculty members who definitely need a mention for their cooperation.


Prof. Abdul Liman

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