Sr. No.  Name of Scholar Title of Thesis  Supervisor Year of Award
1 Tawheeda Rasool Zeros and External Properties of Polynomials Prof. Abdul Liman 2014
2 Abdul Hamid Matrix Transformation in Sequence Spaces Prof. Neyaz Ahmad 2014
3 Nisar Ahmad Lala Quality of Service Issues in Cognito Radio Networks Prof. Neyaz Ahmad 2015
4 Irshad Ahmad Sheikh Inequalities for Polynomials and Related Functions in the Complex Domain Prof. Abdul Liman 2015
5 Idrees Qasim  Bernstein Type Inequalities for Polynomials and Rational Functions Prof. Abdul Liman 2016
6 Lubna Wali Shah Geometry of Meromorphic Functions and Applications Prof. Abdul Liman 2018
7 Owais Ahmad  A study of Wavelet and Gabor Frames on Local Fields Prof. Neyaz Ahmad 2018
8 Irfan Ahmad Faiq Growth, Inequalities and Distribution of Zeros of Polynomials Prof. Abdul Liman 2018
9 Ishtaq Ahmad Uncertainty Principle and Frames Prof. Neyaz Ahmad 2018
10 Ishfaf Ahmad Malik Measures of Non-Compactness in Banach Spaces Dr. Tanveer Lalal 2019

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