Welcome to the Centre for Energy and Environmental Research (CEER)

At CEER, transformative research is focused on conservation of water resources, pollution source identification and mitigation, sustainable energy, and related economics. Our motto is to incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to merge science, technology, and economics to address the sustainability challenges of our planet. A significant strength of the CEER lies in its diverse and multidisciplinary team of experts. The presence of professionals from a wide array of disciplines, including engineering, economics, and basic sciences, enables CEER to approach complex challenges with a comprehensive and holistic perspective.The broad thrust areas of CEER are: 

  • Water Resource Management

  • Pollution Control and Remediation

  • Solid Waste Management

  • Sustainable Energy

  • Environmental Economics

  • Smart city solutions for sustainable development

  • Circular Economy and Green Technologies

  • Sustainability in Urban Mobility

  • Policy and Governance for Sustainability

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