1. Corrigendum | NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/017 Download
  1. EOI students's Group Insurance Download

Sections & Centres

  1. Fixation of Annual Rate Contract for Stationery items | NITS/CPU/ET/2021/Stationery/068 Download
  2. Tender Notice NITS/CPU/ET/2021/CRFC/067 Download
  3. Pre Bid Meeting Notice for the establishment of Physiotherapy Centre Download
  4. Document of Rate contract of Chemical Reagent Download
  5. Document of Rate contract of Medicine Download
  6. Pre-Bid Meeting Notice for the purchase of Triaxial Rock System (GeM bid number: GEM/2021/B/138695, Dated: 03-08-2021) Download
  7. Pre Bid Meeting Notice | 10-08-2021 Download
  8. NITS/CPU/ET/2020/PnD/062 Download
  9. Notice for Technical Presentation for Central Heating System Download
  10. Extension Notice for EOI of Central Heating System Download
  11. EOI Central Heating System Download
  12. Tender List Uploaded on E-Tendering Website | 17-12-2019 Download
  13. Call for Submission for Online Tenders Download
  1. Pre Bid Meeting Notice (Physiotherapy Center) Download
  1. Roofing of Hydro Biology Laboratory of (WRMC) & also laying of floor tiles Download
  2. Electrical Stage Download
  3. Upgradation of high voltage engineering laboratory of electric engineering department Download
  4. Renovation of various laboratories in Metallurgical & Material Engineering Department Download
  5. Renovation of Chenab hostel Download
  6. Replacement of existing G.I roofing by poly coated Download
  7. Facelifting of girls hostel. Download
  8. Replacement of existing G.I roofing by poly coated Download
  9. Civil Stage 2021-2022 Download
  10. Corrigendum for Tender No:NIT/PnD/ET/2021/CIVIL/03 Download
  11. Corigendum No: NITSPnDET2020Elect04 | Dated: 25-08-2020 Download
  12. Corigendum No: NITSPnDET2020Elect03 | Dated: 25-08-2020 Download
  13. Corigendum No: NITSPnDET2020Elect02 | Dated: 25-08-2020 Download
  14. Corigendum No: NITSPnDET2020Elect01 | Dated: 25-08-2020 Download
  15. Corigendum for various Civil Works dated 20-08-2020 Download
  16. Electric Stage 2020-2021 Download
  17. Providing And Fixing of Tubelights and Charging Points to various Hostels Download
  18. Laying of Underground cables and Providing & Fixing of Lighting panels to various Hostels Download
  19. Renovation of Electrification of various labs of Electrical Engineerin Download
  20. Electrification of newly constructed Extension Building of Computer Science and ECE Engineering Department Download
  21. Providing and Fixing of tin roofing over steel trusses to 750 KWA | NITSPnDET2020CIVIL08 Download
  22. Face lifting and development of various labs of Electrical Engineering | NITSPnDET2020CIVIL07 Download
  23. Repairing & Renovation of control system lab ,DPS lab ,Basic Electrical Engineering lab , Electrical Machine lab, Power system lab etc, of Electric D Download
  24. Repair and Renovation of washrooms of girls hostel | NITSPnDET2020CIVIL05 Download
  25. Replacing of existing CGI sheet roofing of workshop block ,Transportation lab & soil lab adjacent to the workshop block | NITSPnDET2020CIVIL04 Download
  26. Replacing of existing C.G.I Sheet roofing of maintenance centre and IT Block | NITSPnDET2020CIVIL03 Download
  27. Construction of 2nd floor for extension of CS centre/ E.C Building | NITSPnDET2020CIVIL02 Download
  28. Tender Document Civil Stage 2020-21 Download
  1. Revised Order Forfeiting of Bid Security of M/S ZS Infratest LLP, B 10 Zakir Bagh, New Delhi Download
  2. Debarment of bidder/supplier M/S ZS Infratest LLP, B 10 Zakir Bagh, New Delhi Download
  3. Pre Bid Minutes for the supply of Triaxial Equipment Download
  4. Corrigendum for the supply of Triaxial Equipment Download
  5. Corrigendum to TOR of Gate Training Classes on GeM Download
  6. Pre Bid Meeting for the supply of Linear Induction Motor Download
  7. Prebid Meeting Notice | 23-11-2020 Download
  8. Bidding Document of Gate Coaching Classes on GeM Download
  9. Invitation of Bids for the supply of Linear Induction Motor Download
  10. Re-Invitation of Bids for the supply of Triaxial Equipment Download
  11. Cancellation of Tenders for the Supply of Triaxial Equipment Download
  12. REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS Procurement of Goods under RFQ/Shopping Pro Download
  13. Request for quotation for the supply of Four Probe Set Up with accessories Download
  14. Corrigendum for the supply of Triaxial equipment Download
  15. Pre Bid Minutes of Meeting for the supply of Triaxial equipment Download
  16. Pre Bid Meeting Notice Download
  17. Supply of Triaxial Equipment Download
  18. Re-Invitaion for Bids(IFB) Download
  19. Corrigendum for the supply of Rotary Evaporator with Vacuum Pump and Recirculation Chiller Download
  20. Pre Bid Minutes of Meeting for the supply of Rotary Evaporator with Vacuum Pump and Recirculation Chiller Download
  21. Corrigendum for the supply of Triaxial Equipment Download
  22. Pre Bid Minutes of Meeting for the supply of Triaxial Equipment Download
  23. Corrigendum for the supply of 3-Axis Laser System for Surface Texturing. Download
  24. Pre Bid Minutes for the supply of 3-Axis Laser System for Surface Texturing Download
  25. Pre-Bid Meeting Notice | 23-07-2020 Download
  26. Standard Bidding Document for Steel Fabricated Frame Structure Download
  27. Tender Notice and Standard Bidding Documents Download
  31. Invitation for Quotation for the Supply of Targets for CRFC Download
  32. Items required for Upgradation of Geotechnical Engineering Lab) Download
  33. Items Required for Smart Srinagar Project under TEQIP III Download
  34. Corrigendum Notice | NIT/TEQIP20/112 Dated 12-02-2020 Download
  35. Invitation for quotation letter Download
  36. Quotation Letter | NIT/TEQIP/20/73 Download
  37. Invitation of Quotation Letter Download
  38. Notice for Extension of Tender Submission Date | NIT/TEQIP/19/1331 Download
  39. Notice for Extension of Tender Submission Date Download
  40. Supply of Various Equipment | NIT/TEQIP/19/1275 Download
  41. Invitation for Quotation Water Resources Hydraulic Equipment Download
  42. Invitation for quotation letter Magnetic Stirrers Download
  43. Invitation for Quotation Letter Dual Tank DI Water System Download
  44. Invitation for quotation Induction Melting Furnace Download
  45. Tenders are invited for the supply of items by the NIT Srinagar | NIT/TEQIP/19/1130 Download
  46. Tender Notice for Various items NIT/TEQIP/19/1104 Download
  47. Tenders are invited for the supply of equipment required by the IT Department Download
  1. Corrigendum Notice for the Rate Contract of Medicine Download
  2. Corrigendum for the purchase of AFM Download
  3. Corrigendum Notice for the Tender No: NIT/CPU/ET/2021/Med/065 for Rate Contract Download
  4. Corrigendum Notice for NITS/CPU/ET/2021/MED/065 for Rate Contract Download
  5. Corrigendum: Rock Triaxial Testing System: GeM Bid no Gem/2021/B/1384695, dated 03/08/2021 Download
  6. Corrigendum: Revised Commercial and Technical Specifications for the establishing Smart Classroom facility at NIT Srinagar (Bid No. GEM/2021/B/1382497 Download
  7. NITS/CPU/ET/2020/PnD/062 Download
  8. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/032 Download
  9. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PMDP/046 Download
  10. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Workshop/051 Download
  11. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Workshop/050 Download
  12. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Workshop/049 Download
  13. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PE/0056 Download
  14. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MECHANICAL/010R Download
  15. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CHEMICAL/004 Download
  16. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/ADMIN/055 Download
  17. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/WRMC/001R Download
  18. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CSE/048 Download
  19. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Workshop/049 Download
  20. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Workshop/050 Download
  21. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Workshop/051 Download
  22. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PMDP/046 Download
  23. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/045 Download
  24. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/045 Download
  25. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/044 Download
  26. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/011 Download
  27. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/015 Download
  28. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/006 Download
  29. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/033 Download
  30. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/034 Download
  31. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/024 Download
  32. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PnD/014 Download
  33. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PnD/030 Download
  34. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Mechanical/038 Download
  35. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Mechanical/039 Download
  36. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/032 Download
  37. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/024 Download
  38. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PnD/030 Download
  39. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Mechanical/039 Download
  40. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/034 Download
  41. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/033 Download
  42. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/023 Download
  43. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/022 Download
  44. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/021 Download
  45. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/011 Download
  46. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PnD/030 Download
  47. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/029 Download
  48. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/028 Download
  49. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/027 Download
  50. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/026 Download
  51. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/025 Download
  52. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/035 Download
  53. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/034 Download
  54. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/024 Download
  55. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/023 Download
  56. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/022 Download
  57. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/021 Download
  58. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CHEMICAL/037 Download
  59. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CHEMICAL/036 Download
  60. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/006 Download
  61. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/035 Download
  62. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CHEMISTRY/003 Download
  63. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/032 Download
  64. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/PnD/030 Download
  65. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Stationery/012 Download
  66. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/011 Download
  67. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/008 Download
  68. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/007 Download
  69. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Mechanical/010 Download
  70. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Mechanical/009 Download
  71. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/Stationery/012|013 Download
  72. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/006 Download
  73. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/005 Download
  74. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/ECE/002 Download
  75. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/SnP/031 Download
  76. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/008 Download
  77. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/029 Download
  78. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/028 Download
  79. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/027 Download
  80. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/026 Download
  81. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/EED/025 Download
  82. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/024 Download
  83. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/023 Download
  84. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/022 Download
  85. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MME/021 Download
  86. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/019 Download
  87. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/018 Download
  88. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/016 Download
  89. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CIVIL/015 Download
  90. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/011 Download
  91. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/007 Download
  92. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MECHANICAL/020 Download
  93. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MECHANICAL/010 Download
  94. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/MECHANICAL/009 Download
  95. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/006 Download
  96. NITS/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/005 Download
  97. Corrigendum | NITS/CPU/ET/2019/STATIONERY/013 Download
  98. Corrigendum | NITS/CPU/ET/2019/STATIONERY/012 Download
  99. Corrigendum | NIT/CPU/ET/2019/IIED/008 Download
  100. Corrigendum | NIT/CPU/ET/2019/CRFC/032 Download
  101. Corrigendum | NIT/CPU/ET/2019/CHEMISTRY/003 Download
  102. Corrigendum | NIT/CPU/ET/2019/CHEMICAL/004 Download
  1. Auction Notice dated 23-03-2021 Download
  2. Retender for dietary items Category B,D and E | Dated 09-02-2021 Download
  3. Corrigendum to the tender Notice dated 23.12.2020 Download
  4. Addendum Notice dated: 29.12.2020 Download
  7. Auction Notice | Mess Office Download
  8. Corrigendum to tender document No CSM/169 Download
  9. Auction Notice for various Items Download
  10. Supply of the Essential Commodities to the Students Mess Download
Archive List Old Tender Documents

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